Social Media Strategy

There’s a huge difference between “social media” and “social media marketing.” Posting content on social networking sites isn’t enough to connect with new prospects and increase sales. A successful social media marketing program is driven by strategy and best practices.

All of our social media projects begin with the development of a strategy based on objectives, KPI’s and tactics unique to your goals. WardMedia will work with the client to choose the most relevant social media channels. If you have an existing program in place, we will assess your current efforts and offer ways to improve upon your platforms. If you do not have a program, we will recommend the most pertinent sites and work with you to embrace social media marketing.

Content Calendar

Your yearly initiatives are mapped out via an organized calendar according to the defined strategy. Regular content calendars are customized for your unique goals and needs.

Social Media Content Development

WardMedia creates and updates social profiles on behalf of our clients. This includes custom graphics and developing a fully optimized and complete company bio for each channel. We also develop social media content that is both relevant to your target audience and engaging. Clients approve all content, and our main priority is that you feel comfortable every step of the way and recognize the positive impact of social media marketing.


WardMedia uses the latest social media scheduling tools to help streamline and optimize posts. We post with tools such as Hootsuite and HubSpot and regularly sign into your accounts to improve upon posts based on the latest best practices.

Community Management

The strength of your social network impacts the success of your social media posts. WardMedia will work within your accounts to strengthen your network and build a following. We work with all of the main social networking sites including:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest


WardMedia has experience in social media advertising, including Facebook and LinkedIn ads. Advertising can provide fast, impactful results for engagement and following. We can help you define a budget and roll out your ads.


Reports are generated regularly to provide key KPI’s. WardMedia's Account Manager will deliver and explain any results to you, so that you never wonder what is happening with your program.


Your social media strategy is revisited on a regular basis to edit tactics, improve upon posts and guarantee that our objectives are being accomplished. Social media is constantly changing – our tactics will too to yield the best results!