Email Marketing is one of the most measurable and effective marketing tools out there. At WardMedia, we implement an email marketing strategy that engages customers and boosts sales for our clients’ businesses. We measure the effectiveness of strategies executed through the use of key performance indicators (KPI’s) and other unique tactics in order to evaluate certain factors that are crucial to the success of your business, such as:

  • Total Sales
  • Conversion Rate
  • Click Rate
  • Site Traffic
  • Social Media Traffic

Content calendar / Programming Schedule

After a defined strategy is strategically planned out, WardMedia  will map out an organized schedule of yearly initiatives that are synchronized to marketing objectives. Dates and times are decided on for emails, as well as frequency of email send. Email content and graphic designs are created for each email in accordance with each unique marketing message.  

List Management

WardMedia will assist with the segmentation, management and cleanup of your email list by creating different email list segments for your unique campaign targeting, modifying your contact list at any time to keep list clean and organized, and adding custom fields for each contact directly from database into emails.

Email Design

In today’s marketing world, it is just as critical to generate mobile-friendly emails as it is to generate desktop-friendly emails, as most individuals read their emails on their smart phones. At WardMedia we create a mobile responsive email template and implement it into the software of your choosing, resulting in a unique design that will get your emails to display optimally on mobile devices.

Development and Execution

Once the email template design and content is created, WardMedia will program, test and send out your email through the use of Email software determined to be the best fit for you, such as MailChimp, Mailer Lite, or HubSpot. These useful platforms create an easy-to-use control panel with everything you need to grow your online presence, all in one place.

Reporting / Analytics

WardMedia will analyze your tracking reports on a regular basis to assess email marketing progression and determine if changes are needed. Tracking reports are generated with key results information including:

  • Open Rate: reports identifying the percentage of contacts on email list who clicked on one or more links in a given email
  • Click-through Rate: reports analyzing how many contacts on email list are engaging in content
  • Bounce Backs: reports indentifying email address bounce backs and why bounce back occurred
  • (Un)Subscribes: real‑time reports analyzing every subscriber and their email activity


WardMedia will monitor email marketing efforts and track major milestones for your company through the use of marketing analytics reports and other operative tools. WardMedia will revisit your email marketing strategy on a regular basis to edit, improve and guarantee that objectives are being accomplished