Tuesday December 27, 2016

I want to start off with hoping everyone had a great Christmas and wishing everyone a safe and Happy New Year! I really enjoyed my time off with friends and family. With recently having health issues I was able to really take in the family time and re-check my priorities. It has always been important to me to put family first and to tell you the truth, everything I’ve ever done in life has been because of family. For tradition my family and I go to my mother and father sides for lunch and dinner on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Eating and exchanging gifts never gets old. As with age comes experience, nothing I could ever hear or read will put me on the level of first-hand experiences. Talking and interacting with others may gain you wisdom and knowledge but learning to take care of yourself can be even harder then you think. From an early age I was always taught to think not only about yourself but think of others as well. Never in my mind will I change that train of though but something personal that I learned this weekend is to always make yourself content and happy first and foremost. After looking around and listening, I realized that a lot of my family and friends are content in their everyday life, (as much as they seemed to complain) and after thinking about that, who am I to change that!? A friend of mine has always said, “if you want to build something, build something anyone grateful and willing can take or be apart of, not just one human being.” I say that because if you lose yourself aspiration and purpose you will lose track of what really important to you and to others. My day again started early, even with the rain showers this morning I had gone out and visited some of our local veterinarians. In our business the vets see a lot of our clients so we try to keep in communication with them. After that I spent the majority of the day on the phone cold-calling businesses interested in a project that WardMedia and Invisible Fence Brand will being holding in February. It not only a great networking event but it will also be an event to build not only our brands but to build other companies brands as well. It should help the community and local charities get the marketing and exposure that they should have too. Lately I’ve been out of my daily routine of estimates and sales but at the same time I always find it funny is that becomes my nature in what ever endeavor I might be doing. Today I am excited for tomorrow adventures and with that said I’m praying for a healthy new year to my special friends and family!