Wednesday December 21, 2016

WeBe patient and understanding. Life is too short to be vengeful or malicious. -Phillips Brooks

Do you ever worry your self to the point of exhaustion and then realizing that it was unnecessary? I do it all the time! It goes back to my article I wrote yesterday and how I’m always running to get to my next destination, making what needs to be done happen today and not tomorrow. I’m at a constant battle to keep my body and mind in the same room but that how I execute. My agenda for today again started early running across Sussex County Delaware giving estimates for installing Invisible Fence Brand Pet Containment systems. Two clients were sold on the idea of a Pet Containment system, one a GPS installation on a farm and the other a Outdoor Shield that will contain their dog from getting into the water. Back at the office it was filing paperwork to eating leftover Lasagna for dinner and then catching up over the phone with the people that really matter in life, the family and friends. My thoughts for the day weren’t really abroad like they usually are… thinking about our next business/advertising move, finances or relationships. It was more on the task at hand of demonstrating how Invisible Fence Brand gives our clients a peace of mind and safety for their pet. I got to say these are the best of days when you turn the radio up and let the thoughts go. It like being on the farm for me, spending hours in the equipment which is like a mini vacation. Coming up this week is Christmas and just like last year I order all of my gifts off Amazon and all at the last moment. After Christmas it’s obviously the New Year so if your like me of always planning your next agenda and goals, your placing your New Year resolutions. Some of my obvious resolutions include the categories of self awareness, knowledge, health relationships, and business but also breaking it down to were I can read a book once a month, communication improvement amongst employees by summer. Another fun thing for me to do this time of year is to go waterfowl hunting and with the colder temperatures bringing in the Canada Geese and Greater Snow Geese it makes it extra entertaining to catch the banded birds. It a challenge to find days of freedom to go but again it like a mini vacation. I hope to find patience as time goes on and with the holidays coming up, just to relax and enjoy the little moments. Have the conversations that maybe difficult but always keeps the other person’s wants and needs before yours. “Check your wants and needs at the door!” I’m excited to say I’m ready for the New Year because with the New Year comes new challenges and experiences and with age comes wisdom.

Justin Ward

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