Tuesday December 20, 2016

I thought for a long time that writing and blogging was something that was unnecessary, but after listening to Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk who said, “it all about documenting, not content creating” it definitely had changed my mind. After literally having anxiety attacks and health issues this past month, I’ve come to the conclusion of really trying to focus on self awareness, health, knowledge, and controllable situations. From a young age I’ve always been a go-getter, always having something to do, always getting up early and always working. So it sounds like all of my work is finally catching up, even at the age of 24. But with two franchises, a starting of a Media Company and side hobbies I find it hard for me to slow down. Putting people in place only adds to the stress and discomfort because with people comes unreliability, unsatisfactory behavior and experiences. At the same time, it like I wouldn’t have it any other way. The dreams that people take a lifetime to accomplish I want them tomorrow. The dreams that people take a lifetime to accomplish I’m going to accomplish them and then some. I don’t know exactly where this aspiration came from but I know I’ve always had a desire to achieve and accomplish all that I can, because one day you will die. It never has been about being the best or having more then the other person but it also has been about really understanding the talent that each individual has and utilizing it. I get up before the sun everyday. I always turn down the question, “would you like some coffee?.” I eat very little breakfast and after that my mind goes straight to business and like today I’m off to do a training call before 8am for a dog that has not been trained to the Invisible Fence Brand just yet. After that it was stopping at Jiffy Lube and Ledmark Financials, who finances our clients and on today’s particularly agenda I’m back at the office working on marketing content plans for 2017. For our company I’m really pushing us in the direction of doing more social media advertising. I find that the users and customer attention is in no other place especially with people and their pets. Between funny videos, world news, and living vicariously through others it definitely is an escapism place for anyone. With that being said I’ve come to a conclusion to start writing and blogging. Documenting my daily thoughts, actions and agenda which doesn’t have to matter to anyone but myself and it will be my selfish way of expressing what needs to be said. I don’t know how long this will last but if my health improves we will definitely know it was worth the time and investment. What next on my agenda keeps me excited, relationships, businesses, real estate purchases, and traveling. You don’t build an empire by sitting still and you don’t get to play in the biggest games of life if you don’t take your talent, energy, and persistence to the next level. I know a lot friends and family who are comfortable where they are in life, which is fine… but not this guy. I’m always pondering on what to get involved in next, chamber of commerce, marketing events, and entrepreneur conferences, where is the next area of attention going to be? (So on a side note nobody would of ever have gotten me out in a crowd or public event. I was the shy and quiet kid that always wanted to stay at home.) It funny how time changes what “was” important to what “is” important now. With that being said I keep things to a point were there always changing, but away from getting stale and comfortable. For the past two years each day has brought it challenges for someone that keeps their emotions bottled up and not realizing how much emotions can effect oneself, I’ve come to realize that I haven’t expressed them in proper ways. I’ve come to realize too, that the more people you bring into your circle the more people you need to be thankful and appreciated of. Learn the small talk, it what build what most important between human interaction and don’t ever forget where you came from, where your going, the man up stairs and the person you choose/pursue/wish to be the one riding shotgun with you through it all.

Justin Ward

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