Thursday December 22, 2016

When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable. Today was a day of traveling! After a morning meeting with my technicians it was off to Carroll County Maryland. With a three hour drive in between our working territories I’m not only taking in the scenery but I’m also scheming and pondering my next moves. I always like to refer life and business to monopoly, (and not because I always win at monopoly) but in monopoly you have to come up with strategies, patience, and wisdom. Deciding on when you need to be greedy while others are fearful and fearful when others are greedy. Just looking around on my way home you can just see that statement in the infrastructure around us. I like to say I play offense and make moves in business according to the defense, only I wish I new how to do that in personal relationships. Some how I got it backwards and play defense on human interactions creating more conflict then none. But today while driving I’m putting a list together of my micro chores that are at home and which usually take place every time I go away and come back. Ex. (Mail, Bank, Accountant) Then after that it was off to the doctors office. It interesting to think about the medical field and with it being a top industry how much you can observe and learn from it. I believe the folks in that industry don’t get enough credit, (even though I get frustrated every time I go in there and end up waiting…) but their work is never done… I think it safe to say though that the doctors and nurses in there can really find enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment from helping the many kids, parents, adults, and grandparents that come into those offices. After leaving from there I headed home to what starting to become a tradition of eating as a family again. With busy schedules and traveling the world never leaves enough time for that anymore. So with that said I get right back into my work and after supper tonight it was collecting money out of my local bubble gum machines that I keep locally. I learned early on to be diversified and I have learned how to carry more eggs in one basket especially when you’re really watching that one basket. Now I’ll admit some days I’m trying to watch more then one basket but it having something to fall back on when the original plan goes sour or fails. I was reminded in the doctors office today on when something fails to not only readjust, but to move quickly away from the obstacles that are thrown at you. It creates more focus and production when you quickly adjust which in return gains better morale in the co-workers around you. I also learned today that there always a tomorrow. Having to wait hours in the doctors office and rescheduling meetings and appointments from today to tomorrow turned out to be no problem compared to the disaster it really turns into. Fortunately everything worked in my favor which will allow me to have a positive mindset next time that opportunity present itself. It true writing out your thoughts and ideas can take your mind to better places. Writing for the past three days I got to admit has help with being able to relax late at night. Again I don’t know how long it will last but when something working, don’t ever stop, keep going!